Little Car learns manners kids books

Little Car learns good manners is a collection of children's books aimed at toddlers and preschoolers who love cars, trucks and other things that go, such as planes, trains, etc.

In this series they will meet Little Car, who loves playing with his best friend, Ivy Plane, and who shares many toddler problems such as:

  • Learning how to share his toys,
  • Learning that lying is usually not the best solution;
  • Learning that showering is nice and helps us feel better and look pretty.

Books in this Little Car series by Evelyn Irving:

  1. Little Car doesn't want to take a shower;
  2. Little Car learns to share his toys;
  3. Little Car learns about lying.
All books available in kindle version (ideal for moms and dads reading bedtime stories on the go) and as full-color paperbacks.

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