Cheerful Unicorn - Bilingual Coloring Book Spanish English

These pictures made me happy today! A mommy friend sent them to me after a wonderful 5-year-old lady spent the whole afternoon coloring and repeating Spanish words they had read together!

She actually told her mom her favorite colors were azul and rosa! Isn't that awesome? So, for those of you who were wondering what my Cheerful Unicorn Bilingual Books (this is the Spanish-English one) look like from the inside, I decided to paste her pictures (with the artist's permission, of course!).

I think this girl is very talented and she will come far, not only painting but also speaking Spanish! I can't wait to go on another playdate so she can tell me all those new Spanish words.
This is the book from the outside, in case you hadn't seen it yet:

And the Amazon link:

If you enjoyed it and you want to drop me a line or even send some pictures of your kid's art, please do! I am always so happy to get such emails!
Love, E.


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